Maintaining Electrical Power In Your Home

3 Safety Guidelines To Help You Prevent Electrical Shock At Home

People make decisions that affect their electrical safety in the home, even when they don't know it. Sometimes, these decisions compromise your safety and put you at risk of electrocution and even electrical fires. Pro electricians typically advise that you learn everything about safety when dealing with electricity. Here are some safety guidelines to protect you, your family and your pets from electrical shock. 

Avoiding Damaged Electrical Chords

In theory, people know of the dangers attached to the use of damaged electrical cords. However, few people can apply this knowledge when handling appliances in the home. It is not uncommon to see people using a damaged extension cord because it is still functional. However, a damaged one does not have proper earthing and probably has a damaged fuse system. Therefore, a surge will not cut off the power supply, which can lead to electrocution and electrical fires. Throw out any cords and extensions that are frayed or damaged. Call an electrician to install new wiring if the current one is damaged. 

Locating Wiring When Drilling Holes In The Wall

Home improvement is a continuous process. It is always advisable to have a professional around when starting an intensive project involving tearing down or drilling into a wall. An electrician can assess the blueprints and alert you about the location of power cables inside the wall. It will protect you from the dangers of drilling into a live wire and getting electrocuted at work. Damaging the wiring can also lead to electrical fire breakouts, which cause damage and leave casualties. Don't start the project if you aren't sure about the location of the wires. 

Avoiding Using Electrical Appliances Near Water

The bathroom, jacuzzi and pool are some parts of the home with higher water levels than the rest. The possibility of getting electrocuted in these places is also higher than in other rooms. Therefore, you should be careful about the part of the bathroom where you use the curling iron and other electrical appliances. You should also ensure these spaces have residual current circuit breakers with over-current protection. If you cannot locate the system, call an electrician to install it. 

These are simple guidelines that professional electricians recommend to keep you safe from electrical fires. Speak to a trusted electrical installation contractor to help you with any issues that might pose an electrocution risk to you. They will resolve them and restore safety in the home.