Maintaining Electrical Power In Your Home

How to Hook Up Your Own EV Charging Station at Home

Prior to the pandemic, adoption of electric car technology had been relatively slow. However, the pace has certainly increased due to the uncertainties associated with the lockdown and the general trend toward cleaner, healthier and more wholesome living. More people than ever will now decide to ditch their internal combustion engine and opt for an electric vehicle, and as they do so, they will need to introduce the necessary infrastructure at home as well. If you're about to make the switch to electric propulsion, what do you need to know about home charging?

Charging Station

If you are lucky enough to have your own driveway and can park your car close to your home in total safety, then you should be able to introduce a charging station with little stress. Most cars come with a charging lead and socket, so you only need to plug the vehicle in to the control box provided with your installation.

Typically, the car itself will convert the A/C power to usable DC and regulate the charging process. You just need to make sure that your charging station is wired in properly and meets the relevant Australian regulations.

Installation Rules

Government officials have introduced Australian Standards that govern how a station like this can be connected to the electrical grid. Both the power point and the wiring need to be rated for 20A, and the circuit itself has to be entirely dedicated to the job in hand. In other words, you can not include other power points as part of that circuit, and it will need to run directly to a switchboard connection.

Safety Switches

Don't forget that as this charging station is outdoors, it will need to be treated as a safety switch. Upgraded switches are available for electric vehicle charging circuits and these will need to be used if you are to meet the relevant code.

Multiple Use

If you are the only user of the electricity supply for your building, then you have little else to worry about. However, if your unit is part of an apartment complex or a structure that is governed by a strata title, then you may need special hardware and software capability in order to split and regulate the output.

Professional Installation

Get in touch with an electrician who has experience in this area. They will be able to install your charging station so that it is in line with government regulation and make sure that you can recharge your vehicle safely and efficiently each night.