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Why Does Your Swimming Pool's Circuit Breaker Keep on Tripping?

Swimming pools have several electrical parts, such as heaters and pumps, which aid in heating the water as it circulates. Most pools also have lighting that lights up the entire area to prevent accidents at night. When something goes wrong with the pool's electrical components, you will find that the breaker will keep on tripping. This can be quite annoying, especially if you are trying to get the pool warm fast and enjoy a nice swim. Unfortunately, electrical problems should not be taken lightly, as they can lead to hazards and costly repairs. Here you will learn three reasons why your pool's circuit breaker is tripping and what you can do about the problem.

Faulty pool wiring

All the electrical components of your swimming pool have electrical wiring that should be in good condition at all times. Wiring is usually installed out of sight; however, poor maintenance and exposure to the elements can cause it to deteriorate over time. Also, if you haven't replaced the wiring for decades, there is a chance that it is already old and worn. Wiring defects can be in the form of loose connector in the heater or pool pump, burnt wires due to overheating or physically damaged wiring. All these problems affect the flow of electrical current, and this is what causes the circuit breaker to trip. For example, loose wires can touch and create an electrical surge, which will trip the breaker. You need to hire an electrician so that they can repair or replace the faulty wiring.

Defective heating element

Your pool's heater warms the water with the aid of an electrical heating element. Just like the heating element in your home's water heater, this element also tends to wear out over time. This could be due to old age or due to a short in the heater. If an electrical issue such as a short is causing the heating element to act up, the circuit breaker will trip. You can test this problem by disconnecting the heater and resetting your breaker. If it doesn't trip when the heater is switched off, its heating element could be the problem. Consider getting it checked by a professional.

Faulty circuit breaker

The problem with your pool could lie with the breaker. Frequent power surges and age are common reasons why circuit breakers wear and start tripping even when there is no electrical problem with your pool's electrical devices. If you have not replaced the circuit breaker in ages, it would be a good time to upgrade it and get a newer and better model that will increase electrical safety in your pool.

Contact an electrical contractor for repairs and a tune-up of your pool's circuit breaker and other electrical components.

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