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How to Know When It's Time to Call the Emergency Electrician

Far too often, people panic too quickly when something goes wrong. They may declare an emergency of some kind and call for resources, even though they might have been able to resolve the situation after a few moments of deep breathing. You may not be so inclined and in fact don't like to bother people even in the most trying circumstances, but sometimes you must take action. One such situation involves a faulty electrical system at home, where certain circumstances can pose a danger to life and property. How do you know when it's time to pick up the phone and call for an emergency electrician?

In the Dark

While you can probably rank electrical emergencies in order of danger, sometimes you simply need to call for assistance if you've lost power and cannot explain it. If you notice that you are in the dark while all your neighbours are not, then the problem would appear to be inside your property and will have been triggered by an unknown electrical issue. Have a word with an electrician to see if they can help you diagnose it or directly address the problem.

Light Switches

If you were trying to turn on an appliance and received a shock when you touched the switch or outlet, you need to act. To you, this may not have been important, but it is a sign of something much bigger elsewhere. You need to be very careful that this does not escalate and should get it fixed as soon as possible. Likewise, if a switch or outlet is hot to the touch, pick up the phone.


If you notice that there is a strange noise emanating from your switchboard, then one of your circuit breakers could be faulty. A buzzing or humming noise is an indication of faulty wiring. If you don't act, you may begin to notice an acrid smell as well, and this may be due to burnt plastic. If it's safe, you should turn off all power at the mains and call the electrician immediately.

Water Infiltration

If you're unlucky enough to suffer a flooded room, either due to adverse weather conditions or a burst pipe, check to see if any wires are in contact with the water. If so, you should assume that the situation is live and that you will get electrocuted if you touch anything. Back away and call out the troops.

Always Be Safe

Emergency electricians are on standby for these and other situations. Don't be afraid to call on their services.

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