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Three Reasons Why the Broil Element of Your Oven Might Have Stopped Working

Most modern electric ovens come with a separate broil element. The broil element is a black tube which resembles a pencil and is typically attached to the top of the oven. When you are broiling, the part usually glows red. In case you try to switch on the broil element, but notice that it is not working correctly, you should get a competent electrician to find out whether it is working. The electricians frequently use a multimeter to test the element for continuity and find out if it is receiving current, and if not, they try to find out if it is due to one of the three reasons listed here.

Broiler element burning out

Even with the best repair and maintenance processes, a time will come when the broiler element of your oven will burn out. In case a multimeter test indicates that there is no continuity, then the component has burned out and needs to be replaced.

Broil spark electrode problems

The broil burner ignites after the spark electrode ignites the gas. The electrode is located next to the broiler in the oven setup. The electrode works like a spark plug in that when it is powered up, a spark jumps to the electrode shield, igniting the gas. The spark does not occur if the electrode has been interfered with in any way.  You should check the electrode for signs of cracks on the porcelain cover, or issues with the tip. Note that for the electrode to work, the voltage coming in must be within the correct range; the ground and polarity of the charge must also be right.

Problems with the thermostat controlling the temperature

A temperature control thermostat regulates the broiler. When the thermostat stops working, it will not heat the broiler element properly. Most oven thermostats are not repairable and have to be replaced once they start malfunctioning.

Other things that might lead to your oven broiler stopping include loose wire or burned wire connection and a malfunctioned broiler relay board. The best person to troubleshoot and fix issues with your oven's broiler is a trained and experienced electrician. Attempting to repair your oven by yourself could lead to complications such as ruining parts that did not have an issue beforehand. If the oven still has an operational warranty, you are advised to let the company you bought it from recommending an electrical appliance repair.  It will protect your warranty and if possible, get you a replacement if the fault is from the manufacturer.