Maintaining Electrical Power In Your Home

When to Call an Electrical Contractor to Your Commercial Facility

Never assume that your maintenance workers or custodians can handle electrical work of any sort, as even a seemingly easy wiring job can eventually result in electrical damage to your building, and the risk of an electrical fire, shock, and even electrocution. You may also assume that some jobs are small enough and simple enough to be handled by anyone with a bit of knowhow, but this can also be very short-sighted, as those jobs may be much more complicated than you realize. Note when it's good to call an electrical contractor to your commercial facility, and why their services can be so important to you overall.

Office fit-outs

If you're changing up the layout of your office space, you'll want a commercial electrical contractor to reconfigure the wiring that runs along or through the office fit-outs. Don't assume that you can simply swap out panels or move them into different directions, or install new panels with electrical outlets, without an electrician rewiring those fit-outs and the office footprint. You may wind up with too many outlets on one circuit, or may not even consider where the outlets will be located according to your new office footprint. An electrician can ensure the wiring and outlets are all configured properly and conveniently for your new space.

New security lighting

Adding exterior lighting in dark corners of your lot, floodlights, motion detectors connected to lights, and other such features can keep your entire property more secure. However, security lights often need more power than standard exterior or overhead lights. Without upgraded wiring and even new circuit breakers, you may find these lights beginning to drain other electrical components on your property, or they might blow a circuit every time they engage. Have a commercial electrical contractor install them for you, so you know you always have proper power for this upgraded lighting on your property.


If your commercial facility is located in an area that is prone to strong storms or any type of natural disaster, you might call an electrical contractor to check on the surge protection in the building, as well as protection from water damage due to flooding, hurricanes, and the like. Your building's wiring may need additional grounding, or may need added coatings to keep it from suffering water damage from a storm. An electrician should also check the building's security system, to ensure it will still be operational even if the area loses power from a natural disaster.