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What to Consider When Purchasing Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances now run almost every aspect of our homes. We rely on them for cooking, cleaning, entertainment, security, and much more. This is why it is important to purchase the right type of electrical appliances to suit your needs. The best appliances will require minimal maintenance and will last long after every electrical appliance repair that is carried out.

To get the most out of your devices, you need to purchase them in the right manner. Here are important factors to consider when purchasing electrical appliances.

Are the appliances safe?

A top concern for electrical appliances in the home is safety. Indeed, there have been cases where electrical fires were caused by faulty appliances. It is important to verify the safety of the device before you purchase it.

Electrical supplies in Australia can be categorized into two main types: prescribed sand non-prescribed. Prescribed electrical supplies need to be approved by relevant safety authorities before they can be sold to the public. These include items such as vacuum cleaners, fridges, and microwaves.

Make sure your core appliances within the home are prescribed to ensure maximum safety. And when you notice any faulty appliances within the home, don't hesitate to seek electrical appliance repair.

Voltage requirements

Many homeowners don't consider the importance of maintaining proper voltage for their electrical appliances. In fact, voltage issues are the number 1 cause of electrical damage and fires. Most appliances in Australia use 230V and a 3-pin plug.

It is a common mistake for homeowners in Australia to obtain appliances from abroad (such as the USA) and plug them directly into an electrical outlet. USA appliances often use 110V instead of 230V, and plugging them directly into an outlet can cause appliance damages. Of course if this happens, appliance repairs can come to the rescue.


Make sure all appliances you purchase come with a manufacturer's warranty. There is no production process that is 100% accurate. Therefore, during the manufacturing process, there is always the likelihood of some items being made with faulty components.

A warranty allows you to either replace the item or repair it at no cost to you. Typical warranties for electrical appliances last anywhere from 6months- 1 year.

Energy efficiency

Most modern electrical supplies are designed for minimizing energy consumption. This helps the environment and saves a lot of money on energy bills in the home. Pay close attention to energy ratings and the power consumption of your electrical supplies.

In addition, faulty appliances tend to use more energy than they need to. Carrying out electrical appliance repair on these items can also help you save a lot of money in the long run. 

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